Kewl Kid's
My Son and His Class-mates
Most MemorableChristmas

These Kid'sMade This ChristmasFor Me VERYSpecial
Thank You All Very Much
Your The Best
Hugssss From Jlee's Mom
And Merry Christmas To You And Your Family's
And To All The Staff And Teachers

Jlee's Most Memorable Christmas
My favorite christmas was  last year,
Seeing all my family be so giving and loving
helping each other and doing good things for other people too
It is also Gods birthday A day to give of yourself
when my mom didn't have that much money
And her friend got my layaway out and they surprised me
It was a good surprised but i was a little mad cause i thought
I was not going to get anything, but I did and it was really cool
All of my presents was really cool
I Love My Mom, She tries to do stuff for me that isn't really necessary
And stuff i don't even deserve sometimes
So I am grateful for My MOM and Christmas

Dale's Most Memorable Christmas
My fondest Christmas was when I was at my Dads house for Christmas
And I got a new Bike, Roller Blades, and A remote controlled Car
But it was my fondest because I was with my Dad
And we went to My Grandparents for the rest of the night
And the next morning i went home to see my parents  for a little bit
Then I went outside to ride my four wheeler out to the lake to go fishing
Then I went back home to take a nap and when I got up My Dad was there
And we went to Chucky Cheese to eat then I went home and went to bed

Tabetha's Most Memorable Christmas
My fondest Christmas Memory was in 1990, when I was 4 yrs old
I went to my Grandmas house when she lived in Cave in Illinois
I was given a Barbie Care set, 3 Barbies, Make-up, and some other stuff
I got her a #1 Grandmother sweater
and some yarn for her to make us some more blankets
My dog Molly had puppies males and 1 female
My Father, Mother, Brother and I all opened presents and played
with Molly and her puppies
Then my Brother and I road the go-cart and it got warmer
we jumped allot of bumps and had allot of fun riding it

Kelly's Most Memorable Christmas
My Favorite Christmas was when i got a hamster
I was 9 yrs old, it was held in Charleston at my house
I loved Snowball my hamster so much
Snowball is pretty, she had long fluffy white fur
with light brown spots
That My favorite Christmas that I remember

Dustin's Most Memorable Christmas
My favorite Christmas was when i got my first bike ever
When i was 5 or 7 years old for my Christmas present
When i got it I didn't know how to peddle it, that's why i fell off my bicycle
I didn't do it on purpose and when i fell off my bike I cried Okay

Elijah's Most Memorable Christmas
My Favorite Christmas was one year when My Dad, My Brother
And two Sisters and I went to Florida
It was warm and we went to the beach
We went out to eat allot
I wore shorts the whole time we was there
We went to see the sponge Docks
I think that was my favorite Christmas

Josh's Most Memorable Christmas
My favorite Christmas was three years ago
I got all I asked for, I got a play station
But someone broke into my house and stole it along with 13 games
I got a telescope but i lost it somewhere
I got a bike but i took it apart
I gave my Mom a watch, i don't know what happened to it
I don't remember what I got my dad
My dad and I left and went sledding and had a snowball fight
We shot the guns but we didn't stay very long because it was to cold

Tony's Most Memorable Christmas
My Favorite Christmas was when my dad was sitting around the tree
I was asleep by my Dad and He woke me up and My Dad called
my mom and my sister into the room
And we passed presents out and then we cooked Christmas Dinner
When we ate dinner we watched one of the new Christmas Carols

Ramon's Most Memorable Christmas
One Christmas Eve we came home from church
Under Our tree was covered with presents
I got A new bike, a sled, a football and legos
Now if I didn't know better you would think it was Santa
You never know

Miss Simpson's Most Memorable Christmas
My favorite Christmas was when I was six years old
And my Mom and Dad knew i wanted a cabbage patch kid
But the stores all around us was sold out
My Grandmother heard that they were going to open wal-mart at
midnight Christmas Eve, Si in a winter storm my Mom and Dad traveled
to wal-mart at midnight and Christmas morning
When I woke up I had a Cabbage Patch Kid
Mable Janie
Santa Claus Got All the credit
I still have her packed away to this day

A round of Applause to This Group Of Kid's
^5(High Five) Guys and Girls
Thank You :))
And Thank You
Ms Robinson
Mrs Ody
Miss Simpson
And Many Others
You Are The Best
God Bless You Real Good

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