Mama's Love
A True Story
by Mary

My Mama was a good woman
Many people over the years loved her for her kind gentle ways
Her favorite time of year was Christmas
Although she was poor and only had a second grade education
She was so rich with love
When Mama was a child she worked hard in the cotton fields of Arkansas
And life had been real hard on her even as a child
She married young and started having babies
Times was hard and having six mouths to feed took allot
She rarely got new clothes
Because Mama always made sure her babies was clothed
Mama done without most of her life
If it wasn't for her Children
There was always someone worse off than she was
So Mama gave and gave
I can remember times as a child when our house was full
Mama would nurture the neighborhood kids as if they was her own
Mama knew pain too
She had taken many beatings in her life
But she stayed strong for her children
After daddy left us and we was alone
She struggled daily to provide for us
She would clean houses or give Dance lessons
And at Christmas time she would stand in the cold for long hours
Rarely taking a break
Ringing the Christmas Bell for our local "Salvation Army"
Shabby coat and worn scarf
She would ring that bell so proudly
Because she knew that through her hard work she would provide
She would see to it that we had at least one good gift under the tree
And she knew on Christmas Eve her grown children would arrive
She would sing in that beautiful voice
Songs of Christmas
Songs of Joy
She would stay up cooking our holiday feast
Proud of her hard work and the gathering of her babies
And yes there was times we all done without
But Mama would find away to help us out
That box of hand me downs will do just fine
She taught us that the value is not in the price
But in the thought
And to be proud of the help from all
"It isn't a sin to be poor" she would say
"But it is a sin to steal" ask for it if you need it
When they laid Mama in the ground
They laid to rest a very fine Woman
Now she is "Our Christmas Angel"
Now she is rich in Heaven as she walks the streets of Gold
We love you Mama
Merry Christmas
Thank You
From Your Babies, Grand babies, and Great-grandbabies

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